The World's First Hard Metal Rings

Permanently Polished® Metal

TrewTungsten® Hard Metal is a special type of Tungsten Carbide, the world's hardest metallic substance. Bands made of this high tech metal will retain a polish longer than any other metal; it measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Sapphire; the hardest of the colored gemstones is 9 on the Mohs scale. Fine Swiss watch makers have used a similar type of Tungsten Carbide in their wristwatches for nearly 40 years. Please note: Tungsten has no relationship with Steel or Titanium.

Gemstone Like Brilliance

TrewTungsten® bands are ground and highly polished into a patented design that employs angled facets on the exterior that emphasize light reflections. In essence, a hard metallic surface that exhibits an unparalleled gemstone like luster and brilliance.

Unique Dark Gray Color

Our TrewTungsten® Hard Metal possesses a unique dark gray color, which is in striking contrast to the Gold and Platinum inlaid sections. These bands have the most distinctive two-tone look available today.

High Tech Process

Years of painstaking research and development were necessary to create what may be the world's most difficult wedding band to produce. Rough TrewTungsten® band blanks are put through a complex 30-step grinding and polishing process made possible by specially developed machinery, using only diamond abrasives. Trent West has also perfected a method of permanently fusing Platinum and Gold inlays into the centers of TrewTungsten® bands.