Jewelry innovation as family tradition since 1919. Trent's maternal grandfather, George Parr 1897-1967 was an accomplished fine jewelry designer who owned a number of stores in southern California between 1919 and 1967. Trent was inspired by his grandfathers inspirational design sense when he apprenticed with him in 1967. After another 2 years of working experience, Trent opened his first retail jewelry location in Marina Del Rey California in 1970.

Trent West has had a successful 38 year career as a jewelry designer, goldsmith and gemologist owning retail stores in Carmel, Aptos, Capitola and Marina Del Rey California. Trent's heritage in the jewelry business has been creating one of a kind hand fabricated gold and platinum diamond engagement rings.

Throughout Trent's career he has achieved success by creating jewelry emphasizing clean, fluid lines with a minimum of clutter. His main inspiration has always been in observing the natural tapered effects in nature. How water flows in a path or how plants and animals are made up of a series of tapered elements. He believes the human mind has to work much harder to look at angles and squares verses natural flowing shapes.

Trent began R&D on the worlds first hard metal bands after he was inspired by a wrist watch given to him made primarily from Tungsten Carbide. Trent's vision was to create rings that combine a totally unique look along with incredible endurance and long lasting beauty. He was awarded 6 patents for this unique concept.

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Trent West Has Released A New Collection!


For Trent West, TrewTungsten Rings would not be the last invention. With a passion for quality and innovation stronger than ever, Trent West Jewelry now introduces an exclusive and newly invented Faceted Tungsten Gemstone.

Shop the new Tungsten Gemstone Collection at www.TrentWestJewelry.com

The Everest 6.5

The Everest 6.5 - Trent West Jewelry