Jewelry innovation as family tradition since 1919. Trent's maternal grandfather, George Parr 1897-1967 was an accomplished fine jewelry designer who owned a number of stores in southern California between 1919 and 1967. Trent was inspired by his grandfathers inspirational design sense when he apprenticed with him in 1967. After another 2 years of working experience, Trent opened his first retail jewelry location in Marina Del Rey California in 1970.

Trent West has had a successful 38 year career as a jewelry designer, goldsmith and gemologist owning retail stores in Carmel, Aptos, Capitola and Marina Del Rey California. Trent's heritage in the jewelry business has been creating one of a kind hand fabricated gold and platinum diamond engagement rings.

Throughout Trent's career he has achieved success by creating jewelry emphasizing clean, fluid lines with a minimum of clutter. His main inspiration has always been in observing the natural tapered effects in nature. How water flows in a path or how plants and animals are made up of a series of tapered elements. He believes the human mind has to work much harder to look at angles and squares verses natural flowing shapes.

Trent began R&D on the worlds first hard metal bands after he was inspired by a wrist watch given to him made primarily from Tungsten Carbide. Trent's vision was to create rings that combine a totally unique look along with incredible endurance and long lasting beauty. He was awarded 6 patents for this unique concept.

Trent West Has Released A New Collection!


For Trent West, TrewTungsten Rings would not be the last invention. With a passion for quality and innovation stronger than ever, Trent West Jewelry now introduces an exclusive and newly invented Faceted Tungsten Gemstone.

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The Everest 6.5

The Everest 6.5 - Trent West Jewelry