The Process to Create TrewTungsten® Permanently Polished® Bands

The two biggest challenges to create these rings were shaping and finishing the super hard metal as well as devising a method to permanently bond bands of gold and platinum inside the Tungsten Carbide host ring.

The following is a simplified version of how the process works; Tungsten is processed with carbon and other elements and ground to a powder. The mixed powder is compressed into high pressure dies to form a ring blank The blank is sintered (fired) in an oxygen free furnace at over 2,400 degrees F, resulting in a solid Tungsten Carbide ring blank of extreme hardness. The rough blank goes through a 30 stage precision grinding process using exclusively diamond embedded grinding tools held in specially designed machinery. Versions containing platinum or gold inlaid sections are made by grinding a groove into the center of the hard metal ring and using our exclusive patented process to fuse the precious metal within the groove. The finishing process is unique in that diamond polishing compounds are used by skilled craftspeople and equipment to create a brilliant polish and luster never before achieved in the industry.

Tungsten is processed with carbon and ground to a powder.

The mixed metal powder is compressed in high pressure dies to form a ring blank.

The ring is fired in an oxygen free oven at 2400° F. The result is a solid metal ring with extreme hardness and toughness.

The rough ring goes through a complex 30 step grinding and polishing process using diamond tools.

The platinum or gold is fused into the center groove using an exclusive patented process perfected by Trent West.

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