Trent West Has Released A New Collection!


For Trent West, TrewTungsten Rings would not be the last invention. With a passion for quality and innovation stronger than ever, Trent West Jewelry now introduces an exclusive and newly invented Faceted Tungsten Gemstone.

The Father of Tungsten Jewelry.

There simply were no Tungsten rings before Trent West. With 10 patents and over 22 years of tungsten carbide metal working history, and over 50 years as a jeweler, Trent West is rightfully known as the originator and Father of Tungsten Jewelry.

Shop the new Tungsten Gemstone Collection at

The Everest 6.5

The Everest 6.5 - Trent West Jewelry

Black Star Diamond Pendant

The Black Star Diamond Pendant - Trent West Jewelry

The Centry

The Centry - Trent West Jewelry

The Chevron

The Chevron - Trent West Jewelry

The Comet

The Comet - Trent West Jewelry

The Crowned Chevron

The Crowned Chevron - Trent West Jewelry

The Everest 9.75

Everest 9.75 - Trent West Jewelry

The Square D

The Square D - Trent West Jewelry

The Triant

The Triant - Trent West Jewelry

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The Yellos

The Yellos - Trent West Jewelry

Shop the new Tungsten Gemstone Collection at